Member Benefits

Being a member has its perks.

Only members can access our full suite of benefits. Non-members may be able to access certain items, such as educational programs and home show booths, but they will pay a substantially higher price.  The full benefit of membership, however, comes from involvement.

Each of the five main benefits and their primary features are described here.  Click on the benefit to see examples of specific Features related to each.

·      More Connection

o   Meet tons of top, industry professionals

o   Participate in community building and form partnerships

o   Become a recognized leader in your local industry

·      Targeted Promotion

o   Align with HBA’s heavy brand awareness

o   Build on our members-for-members business platform

o   Set yourself apart by adopting our code of ethics

·      Inside Industry Information

o   Cut through the clutter and learn what’s critical for your business

o   Access professional expertise on the member-only side of our website

o   Evolve your knowledge through our complete educational programs

·      Improved Building Environment

o   Align with thought leaders on government and business relations

o   Take advantage of our unique stage to share your perspective

o   Gain peer support and help preserve the dream of home ownership

·      Money-Saving Opportunities

o   Take advantage of our savings on local, state and national levels

o   Receive rebates and let us help preserve your hard-earned money

o   Receive ample savings on educational programs, show booths, etc.


More Connection

  • Networking events that bring members together
  • Building Industry Night – a specific event to encourage Members to do Business with Members
  • Participation on a committee, task force, or Council to help direct the work of the organization
  • Take part in award or recognition programs like the Pyramid Awards that showcase your products or abilities
  • Contribute to a publication, blog, website or other writing opportunity to become recognized as an expert

Targeted Promotion

  •  Take part in the PA Home & Garden Expo, in the area’s premier home product and services show, held in March at the Farm Show Complex
  •  Place a Home in the Annual Parade of Homes showcasing your workmanship and quality and attracting qualified buyers
  •  Participate in the HBA Partnership and Sponsorship Program, gaining direct exposure to very targeted and specific audiences associated with our key events and activities
  •  Promote our Social Media feeds and help us achieve “Top of Mind Awareness” for the HBA and our members

Inside Industry Information

  •  Our award-winning publications and other means of communication are designed to help keep you informed and knowledgeable
  •  Comprehensive Education Programs are designed to specifically address identified interests and needs of our members – the program utilizes various popular formats to best address the topics
  •  Our revised and updated website provides opportunities for sharing more information, providing articles or papers for distribution, and reaching identified audiences – we plan to add webinars, video, and other means of accessing news and information
  • Continuing social media opportunities will help establish greater brand awareness and tremendous tie-in opportunities through popular social media platforms, all focused to inform and drive additional traffic to our website.

Improved Building Environment

  •  Our HBA Political Action Committee (PAC) raises dollars locally to help elect the right leaders and to get our messages heard in today’s political environment
  • Member involvement is essential to show strength and help make our case. This might include mailing, email, or telephone campaigns, or direct legislative visits. Our Government Affairs Committee provides the resources and training needed to be most effective
  • Knowledge is the foundation of any advocacy. Our communication vehicles and education program is utilized to help keep you informed and to understand the issues confronting our industry

Money-Saving Opportunities

  • Locally there are discounts on advertising, attendance, and other savings associated with events and activities of the HBA
  • Our Workers Compensation Program is very competitively priced for most members
  • Assistance with acquiring group, Individual, Dental, Vision, Life, and disability insurance is available
  • A Member Rebate Program can return thousands of dollars to your pocket based upon the products and services you use everyday
  • FREE PA One-Call service is just one of several other free services such as safety and health consultation services, model contracts, and subscriptions
  • There are also tremendous discounts available nationally on things like Avis & Hertz rental cars, Office Depot supplies, cell phone service, and GM vehicles

 Builder and Remodeler Members receive rebates for the products they use from over 50 manufacturers.

Members receive savings on the products and services they use everyday.

Members can receive help with their insurance needs through our state program.

Members can also access a very competitive Workers Compensation Program through our state program.