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What is in it for you when you become a member of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg?

Membership Federation

When you join the HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg, you also become a member of the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  This “three-in-one” federation provides programs and services that are most appropriate at each level…For example:

  • The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg is most in touch with the rules and regulations, home building and remodeling markets, and local economic climate here in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties in Central Pennsylvania.  We can best provide educational programs and opportunities that meet member needs, make connections through networking, and provide programs that produce local market awareness and recognition.
  • The Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) combines the numbers and impact of members from locals like ours across the state to have impact on state legislative action, regulations that impact the housing industry, and opportunities that we could not produce by ourselves.  These include member benefits and features, worker training opportunities, and opportunities for statewide recognition.
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) opportunities are even broader and more encompassing. They start with a very strong voice in Washington D.C. and provide critical news and information, high quality educational programs including specific certifications, access to expert advisors, professional recognition, exposure to the latest products and services through the International Building Show (IBS), and very valuable discounts through their Member Advantage Program.
Benefits and Features

Membership comes with privileges.  As a member you have access to a wide range of discounts, rebates, and opportunities.  Klick on the Benefits to see specific examples of some of the features available.  You can easily save or have returned to you the cost of your membership as you take full advantage of everything that is available.


Perhaps the greatest opportunity for members is to be part of something greater than themselves.  It can get lonely in business as few can relate directly to what you do daily.  The HBA is a body of like-minded individuals who have gone through and share like experiences.  Through working together, they have the opportunity to directly address needs and find ways to deal with industry problems.