Our mission statement says it all: we’re here to support building industry professionals and serve as a respected community resource.

The HBA of Metro Harrisburg is a trusted group focused on the homebuilding and remodeling industry. We’re a professional trade organization representing new homebuilders, remodelers, suppliers, subcontractors and many others in the Central Pennsylvania housing industry. The HBA of Metro Harrisburg is best known for our PA Home Show and Parade of Homes. In addition, we provide a wide range of programs and services for our members and the general public.

Our Members are Held to High Standards

  •  When it comes to building homes, our professionalism and passion are second-to-none; this is especially true when it comes to health, safety and sanitation
  •  Honesty is our guiding business policy
  •  We have a commitment to our customers, the community and the American dream of homeownership

Additionally, our members are required to deal fairly with employees, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. We support sound legislative proposals and hold in high standard the free enterprise system and American way of life. Our pledge extends to our associates at local, state and national levels and all related industries interested in preserving legitimate rights and freedoms. This is the basic essence of our Code of Ethics. Every member is required to abide by these principles and must sign required paperwork before being accepted as a member.

Our Members are Informed and Seek Continuing Knowledge

As members of a progressive industry, we foster research to develop new materials, building techniques, equipment and improved home financing methods. At day’s end, we want every homebuyer to get the greatest value possible.

 It is because of this that we launched our Comprehensive Educational Program, providing educational programs monthly on a wide variety of subjects and addressing stated and identified needs.  Several qualify for various Continuing Education Credits (CE) or are part of a specific NAHB Certification Program.  Program details are listed within the Upcoming Events section of the website, where you can also register for the programs. All programs are available to both members and non-members, although members receive a substantial discount on the course fee.

HBA Membership

If you’re already a member, thank you for your continued support. If not, we want to hear from you. Member or non-member, the tabs above will help direct you to the information you need.

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 Join Now - Lays out a case for membership to perspective members.  It starts with our Membership Federation, identifying the components and value of our three-in-one membership and our strong sense of Community.  Click on the individual tabs to review our Member Benefits, read Why Join, view a condensed version of Industry Info/Issues, and find an on-line Membership Application.

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¨Our Paramount responsibility is to our customer, our community and out country.

¨Honesty is our guiding business policy.

¨High standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home.

¨Members shall deal fairly with their respective employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

¨As members of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building material equipment and improved methods of home financing, to the end that every home purchaser may get the greatest value possible for every dollar.

¨All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.

¨We hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the American way of life.  We pledge our support to our associates, our local, state and national associations and all related industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedoms.