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The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg (HBA) is made up of your neighbors, family and friends.  It is an organization of trusted local advisors, passionate craftsman, innovators and problem solvers.

Here is why you should do business with a respected member of the HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg:


Our members set industry standards for honesty and integrity. Whether it’s our customers, clients, employees, associates or actual members, our goal is always to deal fairly. 



We’re constantly giving back to our communities. We also work hard to preserve the American dream by taking steps towards more affordable housing.



Our members demonstrate their willingness to be consummate professionals, working to improve workmanship, quality and overall industry standards.


As you’ll see, our website offers extremely valuable information, including helpful articles and other tremendous resources. This Consumer portion of our website is divided into sections to help address your current needs. Homeowners will find dedicated and reputable professionals ready to assist with your dream projects. Potential homebuyers will find the same, as well as the area’s best new homebuilders. 


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