The Current Leadership of the HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg:                             


Bobbie Van Buskirk, A.P. Williams, Inc.


Vice President    

Josh Juffe, Tri Corner Communities, LLC


Associate Vice President  

Wayne Keech, Affiliated Settlement Services Group



Greg Harris, G.P. Harris Construction Inc.



Matt Harshbarger, F&M Trust


Immediate Past President: Mark Toto




               2019 HBA FOCUS


1.        The HBA will partner with our secondary school educators and other construction Industry representatives to encourage young people to consider the trades as a fulfilling career.

The housing industry is facing a workforce challenge.  There are not enough trained, work ready individuals to fill the shores of our aging work force.  A greater emphasis will be placed on encouraging secondary students to consider the challenge and vitality of the housing industry as a career through school STEM programs.  The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg will endeavor to meet the workforce challenge, by continuing the development and implementation of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs.     

2.       The HBA will continue to strengthen its advocacy on behalf of the housing industry, with a special emphasis on housing opportunities through Planned Communities.

The HBA will strengthen its advocacy efforts by supporting public policy positions at the local, state and national level that promote safe, decent and affordable housing.  We will also seek opportunites to educate builders, Realtors and community leaders on the advantages of living in a planned community.

 3.       The HBA will expand and diversify the contribution of non-dues programs to the HBA revenue stream.

The HBA will continue to grow the net income from its existing non-dues sources like the Parade of Homes, PA Home and Garden Design Expo and sponsorship program.  In addition, the HBA will develop other sources of non-dues income to diversify its portfolio.


 4.        The HBA will grow its membership by focusing on a new and improved value proposition and retaining existing members.

Focusing on benefits that offer value will help recruit and retain members.  HBA will continue to emphasize engagement as part of the retention strategy.